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“To become the hub of the Institute in human resource management in terms of strategy in compliance with righteousness and good governance in order that NIDA can retain qualified and key talent who will jointly drive the Institute toward a world-class university.”   



           1.    To develop efficiency and standard of NIDA’s human resource management system

           2.    To recruit and select personnel with qualifications and potential appropriate for the needs of the Institute

           3.    To enhance the potential and provide career ladder to personnel of all levels in a consistent and systematic manner

           4.   To promote good quality of working life in terms of well-being, properness, and fair treatment.



           1. To develop an efficient tool in personnel management, working system, and performance standard  

           2. To encourage personnel to be well equipped with competence in compliance with the Institute’s strategies

           3. To improve the quality of working life of NIDA personnel

           4. To retain righteousness and fairness        

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